Tech Innovation Manufacturing

Megamined Venture Capital and Premiere Element are companies devoted to the production of manufacturing raw materials and innovations in technology. The best industries in the world are the most reliable investments, but the best companies in the world focus on reliability and ccutting edge innovations.

Megamined Venture Capital was founded with the idea of capitalizing on mass production and scalability. The goal and purpose of Megamined Venture Capital is simple, invest in companies that work with raw materials, technology manufacturing , recycling, and general purpose manufacturing.

Premiere Element was founded as a catalyst for growth. As the name implies elements of the periodic table are the best this world has to offer and we believe that natural resources are the key to success and prosperity both financially and for humanity. We take pride in the Name Premiere Element because having the best elements, working with the best elements and manufacturing premiere products is what makes this world a better place to live in.