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Replace Your McDonalds Job

bad mcdonalds

In today’s economy, working at Mcdonalds can be a drag.  For most people there are 3 things that bother them about their job. The first issue is the disproportion of sales volume in meals to employee compensation. Every person who works in fast food knows that every shift is a WORKOUT, to say the least. And on an average day a fast food place brings in $5,000 to $15,000 per day.  As an employees it just feels better to look away from the cash register, especially when you know that you only make 250 for the week before taxes.

The second issue is how slow it takes to receive you paycheck. People go to work and wait two weeks for $600 check. A paycheck is always great, but not when all of the bills are due and after they are paid a person is left with $75. The only logical idea is to get a second job…. a second job that doesn’t kill you physically because everyone knows that fast food work is tiring enough.

The third issue is plain and simple, there are a lot of dumb people eating food… This is not sarcasm. When a person can see a cheese burger on the menu and still ask what is on it….. there’s a problem.  Even worse, you have to explain that is has meat and cheese.


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